We highlight people’s superiority complex. We find comedy in the absurd. We showcase the silliness of self-importance.

The great part of social media is that you get a glimpse into people’s lives. The downside is that you realize how much better everybody else is compared to yourself.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the egocentric thinking that permeates our world. Most people don’t lack for a sense of their own greatness.

We feature outlandish comments.

Bragging Jackass at its most basic form is simply a reflection of society. We serve as a collection of what people are publicly saying about themselves. We find humor in people’s self-commentary. We stockpile the ridiculous and the incredible and send that to you, one brag at a time.

If you’re feeling down and need to see how others deal with being better than you are, we are here to help. We’re more than a website we’re an idea, a concept. An idea that we know we’re better than you.

Bragging Jackass. Boasting at its finest.